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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

□ Mission:

In the global market, it has become the preferred supplier of first-class refrigerated logistics equipment and services, providing solutions for modern logistics equipment upgrades, and continuously creating value for employees, shareholders and society!

□ Vision:

Based on the global standard reefer, we will expand our new logistics equipment business and become the industrial base for modern logistics equipment manufacturing and service.

□ Long-term goals:

The global standard reefer has the highest operational efficiency; it has the ability to incubate new technologies, new products and new businesses, and has become a harmonious industrial base with diversified products, leading technology, customer trust, employee satisfaction and social recognition.

□ Enterprise spirit:

Self-improvement, pursuit of excellence

□ Core values:

Integrity, integrity, customer development, continuous improvement, cooperation, and win-win results

□ Core human resource concept:

People-oriented, common cause

□ Management / Management Concept:

Development concept: quality growth

Management philosophy: concise and efficient

Globalization concept: global operations local wisdom

HSE concept: safety and health