TCRC "T+2" Period Engineers Training Project Launch Ceremony

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2023-06-30 09:10

In order to undertake the "star-driven development strategy"  of container segment and improve the construction of TCRC talent team, the management department of the company launched the "TCRC T+2 Engineer Training Project".The main purpose is to cultivate a group of "strong business, innovative and management" technical backbone. 

After nearly three  months of preparation work, with the great help and support from the company  leaders and colleagues, the kick-off meeting of "T+2" engineer training project (hereinafter referred to as "T+2" project) was held at 9:00 a.m.  on  June 9 at Northwestern Polytechnical  University Taicang Zhihui Port. 

Mr. Han Ruijia, General Manager of TCRC,  Ms. Wu Jiabin, Assistant Dean of YRD Research Institute of NPU, Mr. Tang  Lixiang,  Deputy Director of  Organization and  Personnel Bureau of  Taicang Port Management Committee, leaders of TCRC Management Department, mentors of  trainees  and 32 trainees of  "T+2" project attended this kick-off meeting.


 "T+2" Project Launching Ceremony hosted by Corporate Management Department



Project Owner's Speech

TCRC  to all members of the arrival of a sincere welcome to the start of the project, sending hope to the students:  first, to establish the goal of lifelong learning, keep pace with the development of the times; second, adhere to the combination of theory and practice, so that learning to apply. In the  future days, each engineer can create their own value to build  an excellent talent team .


Address by the Assistant Dean of the YRD Research Institute of NPU

The purpose of running a school off-site in Taicang is to combine students and talents training with local industries,  to build a highland for local enterprises, industries and related fields to gather  scientific and technological innovation  clusters and talents, and to play a good function of value leadership and social services.



Speech by Deputy Director of Organization and Personnel Bureau of Taicang Port District Management Committee

In recent years, with the efforts of engineers, the port area has successfully achieved the target of "100 billion manufacturing and 100 billion physical trade", the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of NPU has given full play to its professional advantages to provide kinetic energy for local economic  transformation. TCRC has responded positively to the education and training program of engineering  excellence,helping internal engineers to improve their professional  and R&D capabilities in the forefront of the city.



Speech by Project Sponsor

In recent years, TCRC has developed rapidly, but compared to other companies, there is a shortage of talents and a lack of innovative technology. The relevant technical training of NPU can enable the  engineers to go back to school  and further your study. We hope that the engineers will cherish the learning opportunity to absorb the emerging technology  education,  and truly learn and apply what they have learned to create value in their work.



Introduction of the Project

The Human Resources and Administration Department gave a comprehensive introduction of the "T+2" program in terms of its objectives, overall planning, and class discipline.



Participants' Oath

In order to boost the spirit and increase the motivation of the students, the representative of the  students led all the  students to take the oath with an impassioned voice.



Appiontment of Class Teachers 

The general manager of the company presented the appointment letter of class teacher

The class teacher of T+2 program made two expectations and three requirements in the kick-off meeting. The two expectations are that business ability should be improved; life should be indefatigable and self-improvement. The three  requirements are to do a good job in managing their  own image and that of the company; to set up a class committee to do self-management of homework and class records; and to carry out class activities so that engineers can better enjoy their learning  journey.



We believe that this kick-off meeting will enable all the technical engineers of TCRC to achieve  "comradeship, career and  growth" with the help of teachers and class teachers of  Taicang Yangtze  River Delta Research Institute of NPU, and become a "strong business, innovative and management" technical team. They will become a technical team with "strong business, innovation and management", add bricks to the high-quality development of the company, grow together with the  enterprise and  create a bright future.