TCRC Organized the Kick-off Meeting of Safety Production Month

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2023-06-30 08:55

2023 is the 22nd national production safety month, the theme of which is "everyone speaks safety, everyone will be emergency". In response to the call of the state and the group and the board, TCRC held a Safety Production Month kick-off meeting on June 5 in accordance with the requirements of  the notice "2023 National Safety Production Month Activity Program".




At the launch meeting, the HSE Department firstly explained the planning arrangement and requirements of the activities related to the Safety  Production Month. 


The theme of this year's production safety month is everyone speaks safety, everyone will be  emergency, all employees of TCRC should change their safety awareness from "I want to be safe" to  "I want  to be safe, I will be safe", further strengthen  the concept of green safety development,  tighten and compact the main responsibility, and improve the level of HSE  management to provide a  solid guarantee for the company's sustainable and stable operation and green development. 



Afterwards, the management department conducted a "red line" awareness training for all employees. 


Managers at all levels are required to have a high sense of safety responsibility, always put productionsafety in the first  place, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of "the first person responsible for production safety", and effectively grasp  safety, grasp the reality, grasp the details, grasp the good,  grasp the results. 


Employees are required to have a sense of prevention. More than 95% of past work-related accidents in the company were caused by illegal operations, and the majority were "human disasters". And these "man-made disasters" are mainly manifested in the weak "red line awareness" of "people" and the existence of "safety hazards" in their thinking. In practical work, employees always tighten their safety belts when operating according to regulations, transforming "I want to be safe" into a conscious behavior of "I want to be safe". In every operation link and action, they should do standard work and rest assured, and effectively achieve "not harm others, not harm themselves, not be hurt by others, and protect others from harm", achieving "everyone is safe, everything is safe".

There must be a "red line" for safety production, and the "red line" for safety must be upheld for a long time. Safety is an eternal theme, and achieving safety goals is not an overnight task. Only by constantly focusing on safety, continuously enhancing the "red line awareness", placing safety above everything and above everything else, and maintaining the "safety red line" in all situations, can we prevent accidents and ensure safe production.




Each team leads the staff to learn safety production and emergency knowledge related to safety production bans, fire safety four understandings, four skills, and four abilities.


After the study, the class leader will lead all members of the team to take an oath: I sign and promise that I will abide by the above safety production bans, actively participate in various HSE training, proficiently master and apply fire safety knowledge, various emergency equipment and first aid knowledge, be aware of the hazards, risk points, and prevention and control measures of this position, and abide by rules and regulations during the operation process.


After the oath is completed, the class leader leads the employees to sign on the signature wall.