Escort life to save ourselves - AED first aid skills know early

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2023-06-30 16:49

Cardiac arrest, the golden rescue time is only 4 minutes! How to use AED and perform CPR correctly  when someone is in cardiac arrest?


Life is not trivial, we must pay attention to it. In order to care for employees' personal health and strengthen on-site first aid capability, the company has equipped automatic external defibrillator (AED) in the workshop and organized AED equipment operation and emergency rescue skills training on June 28 to enhance on-site emergency disposal capability.



The combination of explanation and demonstration by the first aid instructor provided a comprehensive explanation of the high incidence of sudden cardiac death in China, the importance of mastering first aid skills, and the deployment of the first aid product AED!

Detailed explanations and operation demonstrations were given from three aspects: what is CPR, how to perform CPR, and the correct use of AEDs.





01 AED First Aid Knowledge



02 The Seven Essentials of CPR


1、Scene safety 

2、Judgment of consciousness 

3、Loud call for help 

4、Flat position 

5、Chest compressions 

6、Removal of foreign bodies 

7、Artificial respiration




03 Simulation Exercises

The participating employees of each team took the stage in turn for simulation exercises and effectively mastered the implementation of CPR and the standard operating procedure of defibrillator.




The AED operation and emergency rescue skills training further enhanced the attention of all employees to the "rescue golden time", strengthened the emergency rescue awareness and mastered the emergency rescue skills. At the same time, it also improved the company's emergency response to sudden illness and the level of rescue, effectively protecting the health of all employees and escorting for safe production.