CIMC Charity Foundation's Publicity Meeting and the Charity Auction of the 10th Anniversary Series Activities Successfully Held

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2023-07-31 13:59


In order to further publicize the concept of CIMC Charity Foundation, "Gathering little drops of love, nourishing China's education", actively responding to the Group's call to help education and charity, and implementing the board president's "three initiatives and three requirements" for the CIMC Charity Foundation to help the company's public welfare cause. TCRC in July 13 in the 106 multi-function hall held a "CIMC Charity Foundation awareness meeting and the tenth anniversary of the series of activities of the public welfare auction" activities.



CIMC Charity Foundation Promotion Meeting

First of all, the chairman of labor union of the company introduced the background, purpose, vision and composition of CIMC Charity Foundation, and explained the principles and plans of CIMC Charity Foundation's previous projects.






Afterwards, the secretary of the company's party branch issued an initiative to all the company's party comrades:

1. Deeply study the important spiritual instructions of "Three Initiatives, Three Requirements";

2. Give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of the Communist Party members in promoting the charity cause, and focus on the education charity cause;

3. Volunteer to participate in the work of CIMC Charity Foundation and make voluntary donations to help students from material and spiritual levels;

4. Take the lead in publicizing CIMC's charitable culture, spreading positive energy, and constantly building up much deeper relationship between the Party and the masses;

5. Unite all members, start from the smallest drop, pay attention to the needy and take the initiative to lend a helping hand.




TCRC is a caring, responsible and courageous enterprise, and the road of public welfare and charity requires the company to walk hand in hand with its employees. In the fund-raising session, participants have taken out their cell phones to donate enthusiastically, will be a drop of love into a river, moistening the charitable education.











Charity Auction 


Love ignites hope, and the auction conveys true feelings. The public welfare auction was highly valued by the company's leadership and the enthusiastic participation of all staff, a total of 46 pieces of fine auction items, each piece of auction items are full of the donor's heavy blessings.




The atmosphere of the auction site was warm, and participants competed for the bidding to express their support for charity and goodwill.




Each bidding was full of suspense and surprise, and the successful fall of each auction was a continuation of love and goodwill.




With the last hammer sound falling, all the auctions completed the warmth transfer, donating the kindness needed so that all people can go forward happily.









Sincere thanks to all the participants and supporters of this event, their selfless dedication and enthusiastic donations for the cause of public welfare injected a strong impetus.

The success of this event will further arouse the attention and concern of all the staff of the company to the public welfare and charity.

It is believed that the positive energy brought by the publicity meeting and public welfare auction will bring more hope to the poor students and inject new vitality into the development of charity. At the same time, we also hope that more power can join in the public welfare cause, and make more contributions to the construction of social responsibility.




Thank you to all staffs, love does not matter how big or small, everyone picks up firewood, the power of warmth will be transmitted to every corner.