Application of planting containers

Release time:

2023-11-10 08:00

Planting containers are a novel form of agriculture that integrates technologies such as LED plant growth lights, temperature and humidity control, CO2 control, nutrient supply systems, and self-service control, providing an ideal environment for plant growth and ensuring continuous plant growth without being affected by pests and pollution. The product is widely used in harsh environments and crowded cities such as deserts, islands, and remote areas.

The applicable scenarios are as follows:
Urban agriculture: In harsh environments such as cities or deserts, many residents are unable to own their own vegetable gardens due to limited land resources. Planting containers can solve this problem by helping residents eat fresh and green fruits and vegetables.

Commercial agriculture: Planting containers can also be used for commercial agriculture. For example, restaurants, hotels, and other places can set up their own small vegetable gardens to plant the required vegetables and ensure the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Emergency agriculture: Planting containers can be used as emergency agricultural equipment in the event of natural disasters. It can provide necessary food sources for disaster areas and help disaster victims overcome difficulties.

Planting containers are an agricultural form with broad application prospects, which can not only solve the problem of urban residents obtaining fresh vegetables, but also bring economic benefits to commercial places. In harsh environments, it is possible to quickly restore some agricultural production capacity and provide necessary food sources.