What is the insulation container

Release time:

2023-12-11 11:10

Compared with ISO standard containers, the front end of the insulation containers has been changed to a insulated front wall, which relies on its own insulation device to prevent heat exchange inside and outside the container and maintain a constant temperature inside the container.

The insulation container can maintain temperature stability during the transportation of frozen goods, refrigerated goods, insulated goods, etc., to adapt to various goods and environmental conditions. The outer shell is made of beautiful and durable steel material, the middle layer is made of insulation material, and the inner liner is made of safe and reliable food grade materials. It has the advantages of low heat leakage value, large space, good insulation effect, and can stabilize the temperature within the required range in a short time, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of the goods.

In addition to the insulation effect, insulation containers also have other characteristics. For example, it can adapt to various modes of transportation, such as sea and land transportation. It can reduce temperature changes during transportation, thereby reducing the risk of cargo damage. Secondly, as insulation containers can maintain temperature stability, they can reduce energy consumption during transportation. Finally, as insulation containers can adapt to various transportation methods, they can reduce transportation costs and improve efficiency. In addition, this type of container can also be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

Overall, insulation containers can ensure the quality and safety of goods, while also improving transportation efficiency and reducing costs.