CIMC Mobile Cold Storage Box "New darling" into the cold chain logistics market

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2022-09-06 11:45

In March this year, the State Council’s government work report pointed out that it is necessary to reduce the cost of logistics and increase the investment in infrastructure such as logistics. As an important part of the logistics infrastructure, cold chain logistics warehousing is receiving attention from all walks of life. In order to seize the market opportunity, in recent years, CIMC has successfully developed a number of the nation's first mobile cold storage boxes through intensive scientific research. The functions of these products have been verified in the market and have now become the cold chain logistics industry. New darling"



The demand for cold chain logistics surges. The urban cold storage configuration moves forward to the consumer side.

In recent years, with the popularity of online shopping and the development of new retail models, people's lifestyles and consumption patterns have undergone major changes. Online shopping for fresh e-commerce. fruit and vegetable homes, etc. have become popular consumption methods. According to relevant institutional data, the transaction volume of China's fresh e-commerce market in 2017 was about 139.13 billion yuan, the first break of 100 billion yuan. an increase of 59.7%. In the first half of 2018, the scale of fresh e-commerce transactions was 105.16 billion yuan

"By benefiting from the growth of such consumption, coupled with the national policy to encourage the development of cold chain logistics, in recent years, the domestic cold chain logistics market has developed rapidly. It is also based on the huge business opportunities brought about by the booming cold chain logistics market. Well-known enterprises in various fields such as Sinotrans, SF, Suning, Jingdong, Meituan, and Hungry have been laid out successively.” The person in charge of Taicang Cold Box, a manufacturing company of CIMC’s mobile cold storage box, said, “The most concentrated application. In the fields of fresh fruits and vegetables, because consumers have high requirements on product quality, cold chain logistics can meet their preservation and transportation needs"



At present, most of the logistics distribution of the major fresh e-commerce platforms is still a "two-stage" half-way cold chain, that is, relying on the inter-city trunk line cold chain transportation, taking the urban cold storage as a node, and supporting the refrigerating vehicles and other insulation facilities to complete the distribution. However, the use of professional refrigerated trucks to distribute households is costly for retail customers who are scattered in scattered buildings. Under the wave of new retail, many fresh-keeping enterprises have begun to try to establish a three-kilometer radiation distribution system by setting up pre-warehouses and laying physical stores, and to use the “point” to “face” to form a three-kilometer radiation distribution system. It is kept at a low temperature, saving the logistics cost of continuous cooling

“In this case, the urban cold storage with the function of urban logistics cold chain transit storage has increased year by year. However, the traditional civil cold storage is not only far from the urban center, but also requires large construction land, large capital investment and long construction period. Environmental protection and security also face many challenges, so its development resistance is growing," the official said. “In the face of these developmental resistances, the major fresh e-commerce platforms have begun to try to develop the next stop for urban cold storage, that is, to set up front-end cold storage in the vicinity of the city center, in order to achieve short-distance radiation distribution.”


CIMC Depth Layout Cold Chain Logistics Equipment Variety of products into the industry "Xiangxiang"



Based on this background, starting from 2015, CIMC's Taicang cold boxes and other enterprises will focus on scientific research and develop the first mobile cold storage tanks that are used in large quantities to build cold chain logistics and warehousing, and will be introduced to the market in 2016. . Whether it is used as a city cold storage or as a front-end cold storage, this product has unique advantages, coupled with the flexible mechanism of responding quickly to customers, the products are popular with the US group, hungry and other customers. At present, the market share of this product has been far ahead.

According to the technical staff of Taicang cold box, this mobile cold storage box refers to a simple cold storage that can be designed and produced according to the standard refrigerated container specifications, and can be combined in multiple boxes and easily disassembled. Specifically, it can be mass-produced in the factory and transported to the use site through standard tools such as roads and railways, and meets customer requirements through assembly of different functions and quantities of unit modules, such as quick freezing, rapid pre-cooling, Cool, refrigerate, etc. In the process of use, the type and quantity of unit modules can be increased, decreased or adjusted according to the needs of customers, and the function and scale of the cold box can be adjusted. When the customer wants to migrate the cold storage address, the cold storage box is very convenient and quick to dismantle, and can be directly transported to the place where it is needed to continue to be combined, and the function and quality are not affected.

“Currently, a mobile cold storage tank is basically 40-foot standard container with an internal volume of over 60 cubic meters. But the box can be integrated in multiple combinations, and there is no need to equip each box with a cold machine. The combined cold storage capacity can be based on Customer needs cover 60 to thousands of cubic meters. In general, compared with traditional civil cold storage, CIMC's mobile cold storage has low comprehensive cost, short production cycle, flexible use, removable handling, recyclable recycling, etc. Comparative advantage.” The technician said, “And these advantages have made up for the shortcomings of traditional civil cold storage and solved the cold chain storage problem of the major fresh e-commerce platforms.”

The technician also said that the steel plates and thermal insulation materials used in the mobile cold storage tanks are all green environmental protection materials vigorously promoted by the state, and there is no environmental protection and environmental assessment pressure. This is also one of the important reasons that are welcomed by the major fresh e-commerce platforms.

“Because of the obvious comprehensive advantages, our mobile cold storage box has been launched to the market in 2016 for about two years. The users have covered more than 30 major cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Dalian, and even sold it. Markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. Market research results show that CIMC products account for more than 95% of the domestic market." CIMC Taicang Cold Box Marketing Service Department said.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of different application scenarios in the cold chain logistics market, CIMC has already pioneered the development of a variety of mobile cold storage boxes in China, and deeply laid out the cold chain logistics market. As the first enterprise in China to develop a mobile cold storage box, the company’s Yangzhou Tongli Refrigerated Container Co., Ltd. has launched a mobile cold storage box mainly used for airport fresh food logistics in 2004. Up to now, it has sold more than 10,000 units. . In 2016, CIMC's Qingdao CIMC Special Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a mobile cold storage tank for e-commerce fresh product logistics according to the needs of customers. It has successfully assisted SF to carry out cold chain logistics transportation of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. In 2017, CIMC's Shenzhen CIMC Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd., in order to better meet the needs of customers, developed a mobile cold storage box that is intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has better refrigeration effect, which has attracted much attention from the industry.


Application scenarios continue to produce a variety of agricultural products, railway cold chain, etc.



According to relevant research, in the next 3-5 years, China's cold chain logistics market will reach 470 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of over 20%. "These mobile cold storage boxes of CIMC have been tested by the market and will play an important role in the future cold chain logistics market," said the relevant person in charge of CIMC.

In addition, in order to resolve the contradiction between the rapid development of cold chain logistics demand and the current backward cold chain logistics infrastructure, the state has successively introduced relevant policies to vigorously promote the innovation and application of cold chain logistics technology and equipment.

In April 2017, the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Cold Chain Logistics to Ensure Food Safety and Promoting Consumption Upgrade” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) issued by the General Office of the State Council clearly pointed out that the accelerated elimination of non-standard, high-energy cold storage and encouragement of adaptation The construction of circulation-type cold storage for market demand promotes the use of convenient and standardized cold chain transportation units such as refrigerators. Encourage enterprises to use safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving refrigerants and refrigeration processes, develop new types of cold storage materials, and adopt advanced energy-saving and energy storage equipment.

“The CIMC mobile cold storage box products are in line with the standard specifications or the box production materials, which fully meets the expectations of the national policy.” The person in charge said, “This is also why the CIMC mobile cold storage box can withstand the market test, and some products can An important reason to quickly achieve market share in a short period of time."

According to the person in charge, the application scene of the CIMC mobile cold storage box is far more than the urban cold storage upgrade and new food, fresh fruits and vegetables and other food refrigerated transportation, in the township market and railway cold chain field will also be promising. On the one hand, the state is also encouraging the production of agricultural products and some of the field market to strengthen the application of advanced cold chain equipment, and accelerate the completion of the “first mile” short board of agricultural products. On the other hand, China Railway Corporation is vigorously developing the railway cold chain logistics network, which has high demand for railway cold chain traffic, cold storage capacity, and refrigerated trucks (boxes). “The CIMC mobile cold storage box is made according to standard container specifications, and it is also feasible as a railway cold chain box in the future.”

"The market demand is strong, coupled with the traction of various national policies, I believe that CIMC Mobile Cold Storage Box will usher in a broader market space." The above-mentioned person in charge said, "At the same time, in order to better serve the cold chain logistics market, CIMC also actively integrates the superior resources of many of its subsidiaries to provide customers with a complete solution for cold chain logistics, comprehensively open the pre-cooling, storage, transportation and distribution of cold chain logistics, and completely solve customers with 'one-stop service'. The worries of the future. Therefore, the value created by the program in the future is also worth looking forward to."