Moving cold storage boxes into the market's most popular

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2022-09-06 11:22

Thanks to the surge in the fresh e-commerce market, mobile cold storage boxes have become the “sweet” on the market. The relevant person in charge of CIMC said in an interview that the group's Taicang CIMC Refrigerated Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taicang Cold Box”) successfully developed the country's first large-scale production of cold chain through intensive scientific research. Logistics warehousing mobile cold storage box, and become the "new darling" of the cold chain logistics industry.

Urban cold storage configuration moves forward to the consumer side

At present, online shopping for fresh e-commerce, fruit and vegetable homes, etc., has become a popular consumer. The data shows that the trading volume of China's fresh e-commerce market in 2017 was about 139.13 billion yuan, the first break of 100 billion yuan, an increase of 59.7%. In the first half of 2018, the scale of fresh e-commerce transactions was 105.16 billion yuan.

Benefiting from the growth of fresh e-commerce consumption, coupled with the national policy to encourage the development of cold chain logistics, Sinotrans, SF, Suning, Jingdong, Meituan, Hungry and other well-known enterprises have been laid out. The person in charge of Taicang Cold Box Marketing Service Department said that at present, the logistics distribution of major fresh e-commerce platforms mostly adopts the “two-stage” half-way cold chain, that is, relying on the inter-city trunk line cold chain transportation, and taking the urban cold storage as a node. It is delivered to the door with the insulation equipment such as refrigerated trucks. The use of professional refrigerated trucks for distribution to households is costly for retail distribution of scattered residential buildings.

Many fresh-keeping enterprises have already tried to set up pre-storage and laying physical stores, and set up a three-kilometer radiation distribution system with “points” and “ends”. The final end-use distribution can use ice packs to keep goods in a low temperature state, saving lasting. Logistics costs for refrigeration. “In the face of the surge in cold chain logistics demand, major fresh e-commerce platforms have set up front-end cold storage in the vicinity of urban centers, in order to achieve short-distance radiation distribution.” The person in charge of Taicang Cold Box said.

Move the cold storage box into "fragrant"

Based on market demand, CIMC Taicang Cold Box concentrated its scientific research strength a few years ago, and developed the first mobile cold storage box that was used in large quantities to build cold chain logistics and warehousing, and put it on the market.

The relevant technical personnel of Taicang Cold Box said that CIMC Mobile Cold Storage Bin is a simple cold storage designed and produced according to the standard reefer container specification, which can be combined in multiple boxes and easily disassembled. It can be mass-produced in the factory and transported by standard tools such as roads and railways. To the use of the site, and through the assembly of different functional and quantitative unit modules to meet market demand.

“Currently, a mobile cold storage tank is basically 40 feet standard container with an internal volume of over 60 cubic meters,” the technician said, but the box can be integrated in multiple combinations and does not require a cold machine for each box. The combined cold storage capacity can range from 60 cubic meters to thousands of cubic meters depending on customer requirements. Compared with the traditional civil cold storage, CIMC mobile cold storage has low comprehensive cost, short production cycle, flexible and convenient use, removable and transportable, and can be recycled and reused, which makes up for the defects of traditional civil cold storage and solves the problems of fresh electricity. The cold chain warehousing problem of the business platform has covered more than 30 major cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Dalian, and even exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other markets.

Application scenario diversification market can be expected

Research institutions predict that the size of China's fresh e-commerce market will reach 350 billion yuan this year. The dependence of fresh e-commerce on cold chain logistics is extremely high. Driven by this, in the next 3-5 years, China's cold chain logistics market will reach 470 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate will exceed 20%.

At present, the state has successively issued relevant policies, vigorously promoted the innovation and application of cold chain logistics technology and equipment, accelerated the elimination of non-standard and high-energy cold storage, encouraged the construction of circulation-type cold storage to meet market demand, promoted the use of refrigerators and other convenience, standardized cold chain. Transport unit. At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to use safe, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving refrigerants and refrigeration processes, develop new types of cold storage materials, and adopt advanced energy-saving and energy storage equipment.

“Whether it is a standard specification or a box production material, CIMC Mobile Cold Storage Box is in full compliance with national policies.” The relevant person in charge of CIMC said that its application scenario is far more than the upgrading and construction of urban cold storage, in the township market and railway cold. There is much to be done in the field of chains. On the one hand, the state encourages the production of agricultural products and some of the field market to strengthen the application of advanced cold chain equipment, and accelerate the completion of the “first mile” short board of agricultural products. On the other hand, China Railway Corporation has vigorously developed the railway cold chain logistics network, which has high demand for railway cold chain traffic, cold storage capacity, and refrigerated trucks (boxes).